Fixing the MacVim Cursor Bug on MBP Retina

MacBook Pro Retina

Photo by Francis Bourgouin

When we installed MacVim on the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, we noticed that the cursor leaves scrapes behind itself. After a little investigation, we found that someone already fired up a bug in the MacVim issue tracker. Björn Winckler reacted almost immediately and the bug is now fixed. However, you need to install the latest HEAD of the MacVim git repository in order to have a version with the patch.


Homebrew provides really convenient command to install and compile the MacVim master branch.

$ brew install macvim --HEAD

As simple as that. You are good to go.

However, if you are not a Homebrew user, you have to compile MacVim manually.

Compiling MacVim

First, you have to clone the git repo:

$ cd /tmp
$ git clone git://

After that, you have to configure and make the project:

$ cd macvim/src/
$ ./configure --with-features=huge \
                  --enable-rubyinterp \
                  --enable-pythoninterp \
                  --enable-perlinterp \
$ make


In order to test if everything works fine, you have to start the application by typing:

$ open MacVim/build/Release/

If everything looks good, you can open MacVim/build/Release and drag the MacVim icon into your Applications folder.


Besides fixed cursor bug, you will get the latest state of the MacVim project, including performance improvements, fixed bugs, etc. If you find any problems, do not hesitate to open a new issue in the MacVim issue tracker.

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