10 Light Vim Color Schemes That You Should Consider Using


After presenting you ”10 Vim color schemes you need to own”, we decided to post a dedicated article with light color schemes. This post is inspired from the feedback that we received from you. Most of the color schemes mentioned here are suggested by our awesome readers. Thank you guys, you rock!

1. pyte


pyte is a light color scheme created by Henning Hasemann. Its main colors are light grey, green and blue. Thanks to Ryan Florence for suggesting it.

2. eclipse


As you can easily guess, eclipse.vim is based on the default colors of the Eclipse IDE. If you have ever done Java development, it should look familiar to you. Let’s thank Juan Frias for creating it.

3. summerfruit256


summerfruit256 is our personal number one. It’s really fresh and it helps you to focus more on the important stuff. The theme is the 256 color version of Armin Ronacher’s summerfruit color scheme. It’s created by Martin Baeuml.

4. AutumnLeaf


The colors of a Finnish autumn morning captured and packed in a nice color scheme, which is light orange/blue/green and doesn’t cause eye strain. It’s handy for Ruby, C/C++, XHTML, CSS and even for Markdown.

5. ironman


Except the awesome name, ironman is a light color scheme that can become your primary weapon when attacking legacy code. It’s all about comfort and productivity. We find it really good option for long coding sessions.

6. nuvola


nuvola is inspired by the Gnome2 SVG theme “nuvola”. It looks really unixy. If you are a Gnome fan, you should consider using it. It’s downloaded more than 2000 times and we are sure that it will gain even more popularity in the future.

7. oceanlight


oceanlight is a light pale blue and green color scheme originally based on oceandeep, intended to be easy on the eyes and not burden you with contrast. Its maintainer is Håkan Wikström.

8. simpleandfriendly


simpleandfriendly is really simple color scheme and that’s why people like it. Thomas Schmall used very eye-friendly colors and put some optical emphasis on comments. It’s perfect for 256 terminals and GUI Vim.

9. buttercream


There are quite a few themes with yellow background. buttercream is probably one of the most popular out there. It’s downloaded more than 1700 times, mostly because it’s really amazing. Håkan Wikström did great job by balancing the colors used in it.

10. solarized


Solarized needs no introduction. Its dark version was featured in our previous post, but the light one looks stunning as well. It’s the primary choice of many developers. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

But wait, only 10?

Let’s expand our collection even further. What’s your favourite light color scheme? Post it in the comments. Also, if you want to submit a guest post about your favourite theme, just contact us and we will make it happen.

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